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Funded Research Projects

Congratulations to the funded research projects listed below.  All projects have undergone an extensive review. 

Pilot Award »


This program is designed to fund clinical translational science projects that are currently not funded and are aimed at obtaining preliminary results for a full application for extramural funds. A clinical translational science project is defined as any project aimed at accelerating the transition from discoveries arising from laboratory, clinical or population studies into clinical applications. It is expected that about half of the funded projects will be focused on novel technology development 
Applications are accepted annually

2017 Awarded Pilot Projects

2015 Awarded Pilot Projets

2014 Awarded Pilot Projects

2013 Awarded Pilot Projects

2012 Awarded Pilot Projects

2011 Awarded Pilot Projects

2010 Awarded Pilot Projects

Campus-Community Research Incubator Program »

Campus-Community Research Incubator Awards

The Campus-Community Research Incubator Program (CCRI) is a small grant fund designed to foster collaborative research oriented projects between university researchers and community organizations.

2014 Awarded CCRI Projects

2013 Awarded CCRI Projects

2012 Awarded CCRI Projects

2011 Awarded CCRI Projects

2010 Awarded CCRI Projects


Triumvirate Award »

Triumvirate Award

The overarching goal of the program, which is supported by the  The Dean's Office in the School of Medicine in conjunction with the UCI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, is to provide opportunities for investigators who have considered interacting with other colleagues in different fields of study, but could not establish the collaboration for logistical, structural or financial reasons. The general premise is that establishing these new collaborations will enhance integration of basic and clinical science and lead to the submission and eventual funding of truly unique extramural grant applications. Ultimately, this process is expected to accelerate the translation of novel scientific concepts into tangible clinical applications.


2014 Awarded Triumvirate Projects

2013 Awarded Triumvirate Projects

2012 Awarded Triumvirate Projects

2011 Awarded Triumvirate Projects

2010 Awarded Triumvirate Projects

Strategic Planning Translational Collaborative Grant »

Strategic Planning Translational Collaborative Grant

This grant is offered through the Strategic Planning Task Force for Translational Science of the UC Irvine School of Medicine, in collaboration with the UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. This program supports innovative, and currently unfunded, translational science project featuring the collaboration of at least two investigators who will be project Co-PIs. One investigator will be a basic science researcher, the other a clinical investigator; at least one of them must have a main appointment in the SOM. A specific research topic is announced for each round of funding.

2013 Awarded Strategic Planning Collaborative Projects

2012 Awarded Strategic Planning Collaborative Projects


Biumvirate Grant »

Biumvirate Grant

A Combined Research Endeavor for the VA and UCI

2013 Awarded Biumvirate Projects

CHOC-UCI Child Health Research »

2014 Pilot Research Awardees

The CHOC-UCI Child Health Research Awards are for projects in need of initial start-up funding to enable procurement of other independent support. These awards are designed to promote translational research efforts that coalesce talented clinicians and researchers from CHOC and UC Irvine. Projects should strive to bring investigators from multiple disciplines from CHOC and UC Irvine together to identify targets for improved diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a pediatric health problem relevant to the goals of the CHOC-UCI Child Health Research Strategic Plan.

Device-Based Research Grant »

Device-Based Research Grant

Under this program project that has at its core a new device that is used in the promotion of human health, such as in the diagnosis or treatment of human disease. Proposals of greatest interest will revolve around a device that is ready to undergo a new stage of development, e.g., from the lab to first time in humans, from pilot human studies to a formal clinical trial, or from clinical experience to commercial development.

2013 Awarded Device-Based Research Projects

ICTS and Camp Pendleton Collaborative Research Award »

ICTS and Camp Pendleton Collaborative Research Award

The ICTS/Camp Pendleton Collaborative Grant was created by the ICTS and the Heroes@Home Program to encourage novel collaborations among clinical and basic science researchers from the UCI Institute of Clinical and Translational Science and the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton.

2013 Awarded ICTS/Camp Pendleton Projects


School of Medicine & Claire Trevor School of Arts Joint Research Award »

School of Medicine and Claire Trevor School of Arts Joint Research Award

This project created by Dr. Ralph V. Clayman, MD, Dean, UCI School of Medicine and Professor Joseph S. Lewis III, MFA, Dean, UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts supports an outstanding collaborative project by a team of two UCI full-time faculty, one with their main academic appointment in the UCI SOM, the other in the School of the Arts.  Projects are expected to span a 12-month period, and be aimed at gathering preliminary results towards the later submission of an application for a larger research grant from an extramural funding sources.   

2014 Awarded SOM/CTSA Joint Research Project 

 Congratulations to all the Awardees!


For questions regarding funding opportunities, contact April Bagaporo at abagapor@uci.edu.