Section 1

This grant writing series is intended for junior faculty preparing to submit applicatons for the NIH Mentored Career Development Awards. These awards are designed to promote the career development of specific groups of individuals based on their past training and career stage. The objective of these programs is to bring candidates to the point where they are able to conduct their research independently and are competitive for major grant support.

This structured, workshop series is designed to assist junior faculty and fellows who are preparing competitive career development grant applications for February 2017 NIH submission. The program is broken up into 3 grant writing workshop that will prepare applicants to submit a K award.

Intorductory Session: September 23, 2016; 9am-12pm

Workshop 1: Grant Preparation; Specific AIMS October 14; 9am–12pm

Workshop 2: Grant Preparation; Career Development Plans, Significance and Innovation, and Additional Information November 10; 1pm–4pm

Workshop 3: Grant Preparation; Full Draft Preparation December 16; 9am–12pm

For questions please contact Diana Vigil; 949-824-1231 (dvigil1@uci.edu)