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Latest Events


JUN 13Pathways to Cures: Translational Research Day
APR 21A Troubling Legacy: Eugenic Boundaries on Reproduction - Dr. Paul Lombardo
FEB 13Health Campus 2020
FEB 6-7ICTS Special Lectures Series – Feb 6 & Feb 7
JAN 25-26Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshop


NOV 14-182016 CHOC Research Week
OCT 17-18Clinical Research Billing Boot Camp - 2 Day training
OCT 07Popular Culture, Stem Cell Hype and the Marketing of Unproven Therapies
SEP 23Southern California Microbiome Symposium - Connections to the Environment and Health
SEP 23K-Club Grant Writing Series
SEP 09Clinical Research Coordinators Luncheon
AUG 03Bio-photonics in Action: African Scientists Initiatives to Fight Against Malaria
JUL 11Burnout, Stress, and Resilience - Kathi Kemper
JUN 11Entrepreneurship Summit 2016: Innovation and the Path To Market
JUN 032016 UC Irvine Translational Research Day - Keynote Dr. Thomas Insel
MAY 26Long Beach VA 2016


NOV 20Stem Cell Series: Biomaterials for cell transplantation and drug delivery for the treatment of nerve injury
NOV 16CHOC Research Week Nov 16-20
NOV 10Regulatory Science Bootcamp - USC School of Pharmacy
NOV 06Stem Cell Series: Enhancing chemotherapeutic response by abrogating cancer stem cell repopulation
NOV 05Reeve-Irvine Medal Symposium
OCT 30Stem Cell Series: Single-cell analysis of adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis
OCT 28Stem Cell Awareness Day Scientific Symposium
OCT 27Medical Device Retreat - Center for Accelerated Innovation
OCT 27Conte Center Seminar - Localization of Synaptic Sites of Cortical Plasticity by MRI
OCT 26UC CAI “Differences between US and European Patent Laws that Could Cost You and Your Startup”
OCT 23Stem Cell Series: What new knowledge of dynaptogenesis has to teach us about pancreatic beta-cell function and therapies for diabetes
OCT 14Stem Cell Awareness Day
OCT 14OHRP Education Workshop: Getting through Human Research Reviews with Skill (NIH Seminar in San Diego)
OCT 09Stem Cell Series: Interneuron transplantation for the treatment and study of epilepsy
OCT 03Join the ICTS at the Festival of Discovery
OCT 02Clinical Coordinators Luncheon
OCT 02Stem Cell Series: Making sense of regulatory network complexity: design principles of a self-renewing organ
SEP 29New Rules You Need to Know for NIH Grant Applications in Genomics
AUG 26UCI Stem Cell Research Seminar: Demystifying The Publishing Enterprise
AUG 05Catalyzing the Next Generation of Healthcare Technologies and New Medicines
MAY 29Stem Cell Center: "Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Carcinoma Metatstasis"
MAY 22Stem Cell Center: "Cellular Basis of Neuro-Vascular Network Formation During Development"
MAY 16Stroke Awareness Picnic 2015
MAY 122015 Translational Research Day at UC Irvine
MAY 01Stem Cell Center: "How mechanistic studies on Mesenchymal Stromal Cells inform design of human clinical trials for autoimmune ailments"
APR 17Stem Cell Center: "Obesogens, Stem Cells, and the Transgenerational Programming of Obesity"
APR 14Conte Center: Neurobiology of Social Relationships: Implications for Autism
APR 10Stem Cell Center: "Regulation of stem cell behavior during tissue repair and cancer formation"
APR 09Health Policy Research Institute: Putting “what works” to work: Tackling medication underuse to reduce disparities in chronic disease management
Mar 17Introduction to Linear Regression Models (Day 1 of 2)
Mar 13Stem Cell Center: "Adult Neural Stem Cell Specification: Back to the Embryo"
Mar 05Conte Center: Examples of Bayesian Statistical Thinking in Neuroscience
Feb 20Stem Cell Center: "Age-related macular degeneration"
Feb 17Biostatistics Course: Introduction to Biostatistics (Day 1 of 2)
Feb 13Stem Cell Center: "Opening a new critical period in the visual system using inhibitory neuron transplantation"
Feb 06Stem Cell Center: "From metabolic treatments to cell transplantation –preclinical strategies for SCI"
Jan 30Building Resilience: Helping Children Move Beyond Challenges with Executive Function
Jan 30Stem Cell Center: "Retinal progenitor sheet transplantation for restoration of vision"
Jan 27"Early Life Stress and Development: Research on Internationally-Adopted Children"
Jan 23Stem Cell Center: "Cell progenitor Biology and Tissue Repair in Stroke"
Jan 16Stem Cell Center: "Legal regulation of organ transplants and stem cell trials"
Jan 09Stem Cell Center: "Neuroprosthetics and Technologies to Restore Neurological Function–Parallel Strategies to Stem Cell Transplantation"
Jan 09Combining Arrays and Mass Spectrometry for High Throughput Discovery in Biology
Jan 02Stem Cell Center: "Progress and pitfalls in stem cell trials for spinal cord injury"


Dec  10OC Summit on Regenerative Medicine
Dec 3S.CA. Regional Implementation & Improvement Science Webinar Series; Lawrence Palinkas, PhD
Nov 18ICTS Research Methods Short Course: Clinical Prognostic Model Validation
Nov 4Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Technology Transfer Workshop
Oct 28ICTS Research Methods Short Course: Propensity Score Methods
Oct 19A Celebration of Life Event: Dr. Robert Newcomb
Oct 17UCI Interdisciplinary Center on Family Violence Community Launch
Oct 9Stem Cell Awareness Day Symposium
Oct 4The Art of Stem Cell Reception, Exhibit Sept 6th- Oct 10th
Sep 20Fifth ACM Conference: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics
Sep 19Microbiome Symposium
Sep 16Conte Center Seimnar "The View Through a Neurobiological Lens - Addressing Autism Heterogeneity"
Sept 6The Art of Stem Cell Reception, Exhibit Sept 6th- Oct 10th
Sept 4Quarterly Clinical research Coordinator Meeting
Jun 272014 Translational Research Day at UC Irvine
Jun 25SBIR Development Series - Talk 2
Jun 11SBIR Development Series - Talk 1
Jun 06Stem Cell Series: Dr. Bill Lowry; “Where Does Cancer Come From?”
Jun 05Sixth Annual Allan R. Oseroff Photomedicine Lecture; Dr. Rox Anderson
May 315th Annual Stroke Awareness Picnic
May 30Stem Cell Series: Dr. Chris Hughes; “Body-in-a-chip: Creating Vascularized Microphysiological Systems for Improved Drug Screening”
May 23Stem Cell Series: Dr. Tambola & Dr. Pathak; “Physical Cues Directing Stem Cell Fate: An icon channel perspective”
May 20Conte Center Lecture: Dr. Tomas Paus "Population Neuroscience of the Growing Brain"
May 16Lecture: Dr. Maya Bunik "Early Feeding Decisions in Latina Mothers: Evidence-based strategies for advice about los dos"
May 16Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Jik Young Kwon "Multi-functional Nanomedicine"
May 15Speaker: Patalay; "Do we still need pathologists? Advances in non-invasive imaging of skin using multiphoton microscopy with fluorescence lifetime imaging"
May 12Special Public Health Seminar "Collaborative Search in Electronic Health Records"
Apr 28Imaging Cytometry: Amnis Seminar
Apr 25Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Rana Gupta - "Getting Fat: Transcriptional Control of Adipocyte Differentiation and Adipose Tissue Expansion in Obesity"
Apr 18Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Larry Goldstein - "Using Human Stem Cells to Understand and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease"
Apr 14Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Andrew Laslett - "Harnessing Pluripotency: Novel Tools for Human Stem Cell Biology"
Apr 11Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Michael Stern - "Linking Innate and Adaptive Immunity in the Pathophysiology of Dry Eye"
Apr 11BLI Seminar: "Multimodal Molecular Imaging"
Apr 10BLI Seminar: "Brain Activity Mapping with Optogenetic fMRI (ofMRI)"
Apr 04Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Robert Baloh - "Stem Cell Approaches to Peripheral Nervous System Degeneration"
Mar 27-28Two day course: Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Models for Medical Researchers
Mar 27Stem Cell Seminar: Dr. Thorgeirsson
Mar 26A FloCyte Regional Training Program: Cytometry in Cell Necrobiology
Mar 24-26Three day course: Introduction to Biostatistics for Medical Researchers
Mar 14“Challenges & Consideration for GMP Production of a Neural Product: A Case Study”
Mar 12Orange County Alliance for Community Health Research Meeting
Mar 11"Therapeutic Regeneration of the Injured Human Heart"
Mar 10Cellular Repair in the Parkinsonian Primate Brain: fetal, stem and endogenous cell sources
Feb 28Exercise Immunology Seminar
Feb 28Stem Cell Seminar Speaker: Clive Svendsen, PhD
Feb 14Stem Cell Seminar Speaker: Mathew Blurton-Jones, PhD
Feb 13Clinical Research Coordinators Luncheon
Feb 07Stem Cell Seminar Speaker: Donald Fink, PhD on FDA regulation
Jan 31Stem Cell Seminar Speaker: Sidney Golud, PhD on IRB and hSCRO oversight
Jan 24Stem Cell Seminar Speaker: Michael Chopp, PhD


Dec 05Clinical Research Coordinators Quarterly Meeting
Nov 15Unmet Clinical Needs in Cardiovascular Medicine
Nov 15Orange County Alliance for Community Health Research Meeting
Nov 01ICTS KL2 Dr. Gohil to present at Neurological Surgery Grand Rounds
Nov 01Stem Cell Research Center to host fall seminar series
Oct 30Library hosts NIH Public Access Workshop
Sep 12Biostatistics Seminar: Presented by Dr. Danh Nguyen
Sep 09Getting Started with SAS 9.3 Statistical Software: A Short Course for the UCI Research Community
Sep 06“Unmet Clinical Needs in Urology” presented by Jaime Landman, MD
Jun 32013 Pathways to Cures: Clinical Translational Research Day at UC Irvine
May 14Weekly Biostatistics Workshop with Dr. Danh Nguyen at UCIMC Building 25
May 6Bioinformatics Talk: Studying Health Information Technologies in Collaborative Settings: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
May 6-7Short course for UC Irvine faculty, staff and students: Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Models for Medical Researchers
Apr 29Short course for UC Irvine faculty, staff and students: Introduction to Biostatistics for Medical Researchers
Apr 12UC Irvine Brain Map Colloquium - The Spread: A New Structure-Function Principle of Cortical Organization