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The Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Development (BERD) Unit began tracking their drop-in consultations and scheduled appointments in 2013. All cumulative data represented in this dashboard begins at January 1st, 2013. Dr. Joni Ricks-Oddie took over as the BERD Director in 2017 and works closely with the Statistical Consulting Services department at UCI to provide the best possible statistical support to faculty and students on campus.


The ICTS partners with the UCI School of Medicine to offer a four-year long Medical Student Research Program (MSRP) in which students are placed and matched one-on-one with a research mentor on campus, complete a summer research project in teams abroad (GHREAT program), or work within a research industry setting (Immersion program). Students also participate in a Fundamentals of Research elective course prior to beginning research projects, in which core research principles and values are discussed.


ICTS TL1/KL2 Program

Guided by the Leadership of Dr. Dan Cooper, Principal Investigator for the ICTS, the Pilot Awards Program supports local cutting-edge research in the early phases with the goal of nurturing these projects as they plan for larger, externally-funded studies. ICTS pilot grants are designed specifically to support exceptionally innovative and/or unconventional research projects that have the potential to create or overturn fundamental paradigms.

Pilots Summary Report (PDF)


The UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) offers two NIH funded training programs. Our KL-2 program supports newly trained clinicians and scientists in activities related to the development of a successful clinical and translational research career. The TL-1 program helps to support research training experiences for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees who are interested in pursuing research careers in multi-disciplinary clinical and translational science.