Medical Student Research Program

Section 1

The Medical Student Research Program provides UCI medical students the opportunity to develop insight and understanding of translational biomedical research through completion of a mentored scholarly project.  To accomplish this goal the ICTS has developed three research tracks; Mentored Scholarly Projects (MSP), Immersion Experience, and Global Health Research Education and Training (GHREAT). 


Year 1: Students pair with a faculty mentor with similar interests and goals. The student and mentor submit a project prospectus. Once institutional review board compliance is fulfilled the student begins the research project.

Year 2: The student and mentor meet regularly to carry out the research project.

Year 3 (the clerkship year): The student and mentor continue to meet regularly, however, the student's time to work on the project may be limited due to clerkship activities.

Year 4: The student submits a final poster and thesis summarizing their SP. Each student presents the poster at the annual Student Research Symposium, where selected students also provide oral slide presentations. All theses are published in bound hard copies and posted online (link is external) for public access.

Application  (Process will be discussed in the Fundamentals of Research Elective)

  • Application (1 Page Summary)
    • 1 paragraph addressing why you are interested in participating in research during Medical School and how you see research intertwining with your career as an MD
    • 1 paragraph explaining your past experiences with research
    • List of the top 3 mentors you are interested in working with along with a 2 sentence explanation regarding your interest to work with that mentor for each mentor indicated.
  • CV

Please select the appropriate program to find a list of available mentors.


   msp                       immersion                          GHREAT

Mentored Scholarly Project               Immersion Experience                       Global Health Research

In order to be eligible for Distinction in Research at graduation, all tracks of the MSRP must complete the following requirements:

-The student must graduate in the top 30% of their class 

-The student must complete all four years of the MSRP 

-The student must publish one first-authored manuscript, or two non-first-authored manuscripts

Link to Application

Medical Students are encouraged to apply for external funding to support their research.  Please find a list of possible opportunities here.  Be sure to reach out to the ICTS (dvigil1@uci.edu)  for support in submitting any grants.

For more information about these programs please contact Brooke Piercy piercyb@hs.uci.edu