Building an “A” Team: Elevate your research team’s effectiveness through virtual collaboration

Section 1

With the rapid shift to online communication, ensure that your research has the skills and resources to keep your research moving and build new collaboration.

We invite you and your team to participate in a virtual workshop on April 15, 2020 at 10:00am. The workshop will be led the by the Team Scholarship Accelerator Lab, facilitated by team science and virtual collaboration experts Maritza Salazar Campo, PhD and Gary Olson, PhD.


This is online an interactive workshop in which teams will gain insight into team science initiation, operations, and evaluation. Teams will leave with tools to improve team dynamics and communications.
The objective of the workshop is to assist teams in setting a precedent for communication for innovation. Workshop participants will learn four evidence-based principles of effective communication in science teams and learn how to use these principles to foster knowledge sharing and integration across disciplinary boundaries.

Eligibility: Investigators from all disciplines seeking to enhance their virtual collaboration. We encourage multiple members of the research team to join this virtual workshop.

For any questions, please contact: Diana Stephens at dvigil1@uci.edu

Registration is required.