ICTS Promoted Events

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JUNE - AUG 2021

Columbia SHARP Training: Skills for Health and Research Professionals

Registration is now open for 18 hands-on summer boot camps designed for health and research professionals from any organization and all career stages! Learn immediate take-away skills directly from the experts over 2-3 days this summer through live-stream, virtual trainings. Scholarships (first deadline coming up 3/15) and early-bird rates are available, and capacity is limited.

MAY 2021



Version Control with GIT Workshop

Version control is the lab notebook of the digital world: it’s what professionals use to keep track of what they’ve done and to collaborate with other people. Every large software development project relies on it, and most programmers use it for their small jobs as well. And it isn’t just for software: books, papers, small data sets, and anything that changes over time or needs to be shared can and should be stored in a version control system. This Carpentry based workshop will cover setting up Git, tracking changes, and collaborating with others. The total amount of participation time is approximately 3 hours. Registered participants will receive invites to the Canvas workshop before the start of the workshop on February 8th.

MAY 2021



Muscle Wasting and Repair: Treating Inflammatory Muscle Disease

Join us on May 4 for this virtual lecture as our speakers provide an opportunity to learn more about stem cells, including current research, therapies, and the future of regenerative medicine.

MAY 2021



Unix Workshop

The Unix shell has been around longer than most of its users have been alive. It has survived so long because it’s a powerful tool that allows people to do complex things with just a few keystrokes. More importantly, it helps them combine existing programs in new ways and automate repetitive tasks so they aren’t typing the same things over and over again. There is an option to receive an Alternative Digital Credential for this workshop by completing assignments. This Carpentry based workshop will cover files and directories, pipes, filters, loops, and shell scripts. The total amount of participation time is approximately 4 hours. Registered participants will receive invites to the Canvas workshop before the May 3rd start date.

APR 2021



Focused Flexible Accelerated Studies Program: Scientific Leadership

Dr. Maritza Salazar Campo, an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior in The Paul Merage School of Business will facilitate the workshop on Scientific Leadership. She will be discussing key aspects of successfully leading a research team. We will conclude the session with a discussion among panel members from across campus on what leadership means to them and sharing their experiences as it relates to leadership in their labs. The panelist include Dr. Marcelo Wood, Dr. David Fruman, Dr. Susan Huang, and Dr. Michael Yassa.