2014 Funded CCRI Projects

Section 1

Project Title: Crime and Personal Safety: Ethnic Differences in Senior Living Needs in Orange County
Collaborators: Orange County Aging Services Collaborative - Department of Family Medicine, Division of
Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, UCI School of Medicine
Christine Chow
Cordula Dick-Muehlke
Project Title: Cognitive Exercise May Preserve Memory and Functional Ability in Persons with Mild
Cognitive Impairment
Collaborators: Cognitive Care Solutions  – UCI Mind
Tonia Vojtkofsky
Viorela Pop
Project Title: Can an elementary school-based Fit Kid Center increase student engagement in active play
and healthy eating habits?
Collaborators: Orange County Department of Education – Department of Social Ecology, UCI – Health
and Human Development, California State University, Fullerton
Chris Corliss
Margaret Schneider
Michele Mouttapa