Medical Scholars Research Program (MSRP) is an official four-year program!

Section 1


The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) is proud to announce the development of the Medical Scholars Research Program (MSRP) as an official four-year program within the School of Medicine. The MSRP began five years ago as an elective for first-year medical students dedicated to biomedical and translational research. As of this year, the MSRP is now being offered as an official four-year program that helps students focus on research throughout their MD training. Students enrolled in this program work closely with a primary faculty mentor, work toward presenting research at conferences, and writing manuscripts for publication. Students also enroll in the Fundamentals of Research elective during their first year of training, which covers the basics of conducting research and how research impacts a physicians’ career, and enroll in the Incorporating Research Into Practice seminar during their final year, to discuss how research fits into clinical practice and improves patient care. We particularly want to thank our School of Medicine colleagues Dr. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, Vice Dean for Medical Education, Dr. Megan Osborn, Associate Dean for Students, and Dean Michael Stamos, whose guidance and cooperation over the years has been instrumental in this singular achievement.With over one-hundred students currently enrolled in the program, we are incredibly proud of this accomplishment and the development of this training program!