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       Dan Stokols              Maritza Salazar-Campo           Gary Olson                    Judith Olson

The Office of Academic Personnel has updated guidance language related to faculty contributions to team science (https://ap.uci.edu/faculty/guidance/). ICTS Team Science faculty, Drs. Dan Stokols and Maritza Salazar-Campo, created the Collaborative Contributions List, a tool that can be used to guide faculty descriptions of their collaborative contributions to scholarship as part of their academic personnel reviews: https://ap.uci.edu/faculty/guidance/collablist/. Concerted efforts by ICTS over the past several years to promote greater recognition of faculty contributions to collaborative research have been embraced by the UCI Campus, with Office of Research Support to establish a campus-wide Team Science Acceleration Lab in 2018, led by Drs. Stokols, Salazar Campo, and fellow UCI colleagues, Drs. Judith and Gary Olson. With ICTS and Office of Research Support, Drs. Stokols, Salazar-Campo, Olson and Olson plan to evaluate the influence of the new faculty guidance language and the Collaborative Contributions tool on academic personnel review deliberations and outcomes at UCI. These developments reflect the important contributions of UCI-ICTS and the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) in strengthening institutional supports for cross-disciplinary translational science within universities and other research organizations.