Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Joni Ricks-Oddie, PhD MPH Director


Curriculum Vita

Joni Ricks-Oddie, PhD (UCLA, 2012) is the Director of the UCI Center for Statistical Consulting. Dr. Ricks-Oddie oversees general operations and strategic planning for the Center and its consulting activities. She facilitates connections between campus researchers in need of consulting services and the Statistics faculty with the expertise to assist them. Dr. Ricks-Oddie’s current affiliations also include the UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Science where she serves as the Director of the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Unit.

Tuyen Hoang, PhD; Assistant Director


Curriculum Vita

Dr. Hoang received her PhD degree in Biostatistics at UCLA. After graduation, she joined the Veterans Healthcare system in Los Angeles where she collaborated with medical directors, clinicians, and leading experts in implementation science to develop and deliver innovative care programs in infectious diseases, mental health, and homelessness. Combining her expertise in biostatistics and computer science, she designed clinical informatics tools to extract qualitative, quantitative, and text data from electronic medical records that are useful for clinical operation, patient management, and quality improvement. For research studies, she collaborates with investigators on study design, facilitates data collection, performs statistical analysis, and contributes to research publications. She is experienced in integrating clinical, social, and economical aspects into study design while maintaining a high-level of statistical rigor.

Anton Palma, PhD, MPH; Principal Biostatistician


Curriculum Vita

Anton Palma, received his PhD in Epidemiology from Columbia University. Prior to working at UC Irvine ICTS BERD, he worked at Columbia University on multiple global health projects, with emphasis on HIV and cardiovascular disease surveillance and management in sub-Saharan Africa. As Principal Statistician with ICTS BERD, he has three main research interests: (1) providing expert epidemiological and statistical support to improve research using advanced methods from across scientific disciplines, (2) using causal inference and implementation science perspectives to inform interventions that are implementable and scalable in real-world settings, and (3) contributing to the advancement of sound research ideas via cross-disciplinary education, training, and collaboration.

Lishi Zhang, MS; Principal Statistician


Lishi received her master's degree in Statistics at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey in December of 2013. During the summer of 2013, she worked as a research intern in the Medicare star rating group at Cambia Health Solutions (Portland, OR). She was responsible for organizing and managing Medicare data. She applied statistical modeling and data visualization techniques to contribute to strategies for improving the star rating of their Medicare plans. After graduation, Lishi worked as a Biostatistician at the Clinical and Translational Research Institute, UC San Diego (March 2014 - Nov 2015). She was involved in a variety of observational studies and clinical trial projects. She has extensive experience in conducting statistical analysis and collaborating on reseach proposals with clinical investigators. She has gained expertise in a variety of statistical methods, including mixed model, meta-analysis, general estimation equations, survival analysis, regression, and clustering methods. Lishi joined the ICTS BERD unit in November of 2015.