Application for Biorepository Laboratory Services

Section 1

The Institute of Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS) offers a variety of biospecimen resources to ensure research at UC Irvine is completed with the highest standard for quality assurance and according to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice. The Biorepository Laboratory provides specimen sample processing, storage and tracking to meet your protocol needs.

Specimen or IP storage are available at 4C, -20C, -80C and ultra-low liquid nitrogen. Our refrigerators and freezers are monitored 24-7 and our staff are immediately alerted if there is a freezer dysfunction. We have several empty units available for use in case of emergency of or a freezer failure.

The ICTS Biorepository Laboratory normal operating hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. However, after-hour services are available at upon (24/7) including weekends and holidays.

Current ICTS rates apply to all services. Approved rates are listed below.

Service Rate
Lab technician time (eg. sample processing) $105/hr
Long-term Storage (>1 month) $2/box/month
Liquid Nitrogen storage and monitoring $360/tank/month

To request services, please contact Dr. Fadia Haddad, fhaddad@hs.uci.edu or Peter Horvath, phorvath@hs.uci.edu.