Clinical Research Ethics Consult Service

Section 1

Clinical Research Ethics Mission

The ICTS clinical research ethics mission is to improve the quality of clinical investigation at UCI. To implement this goal, we have established a Clinical Research Ethics Consult Service (CRECS) to assist clinical investigators in working out experimental design problems when the nature of the research problem, its subject population or the clinical situation pose ethical issues. 

Who We Serve

Ethics consultations are available to all UCI clinical investigators including trainees, so long as the problem relates to clinical research. 

Services We Provide

  • Project planning consultation (new projects or new aspects of continuing projects). Common issues that have ethical components include use of placebos, vulnerable populations, complex informed consent issues, risk assessment in a pilot clinical study, and studies designed to gather biologic information only.  CRECS can provide advice and information about these and other critical ethical issues.
  • Suggestions regarding ethical problems raised in external or internal reviews including IRB reviews.
  • Education on research ethics issues.
  • External consults are available with a nationwide collaborative group of bioethicists for particularly complex problems.      

Contact Information

CRECS is coordinated by Prof. Emeritus Sidney Golub, who has long experience with biomedical ethics. He is currently chair of a UCI IRB, formerly chaired the UCI Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee, and has taught on issues relating to ethics in biomedical research. Investigators interested in obtaining a consultation should email Dr. Golub at sgolub@uci.edu.  Alternatively, investigators can contact Andria Pontello, ICTS Administrative Director at apontell@uci.edu; 949-824-3353.