Service Request Application

Section 1

All ICTS applications for resources must be approved by both an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the ICTS Resource Allocation Committee.

Materials required for submission:

  • All IRB submission documents must include:
    • Electronic application
    • Protocol narrative
    • Informed consent
    • All appendices and attachments
  • Protocol budget

If the research requires full committee review from the IRB and is not federally funded, then scientific review is required prior to resource allocation review.

Review Process

  • The application is submitted to the ICTS and pre-reviewed to determine the type of study, the services requested from ICTS, and the presence of all the elements to be reviewed
  • Committee review process:
    • The ICTS Resource Allocation Committee undertakes a detailed examination of the protocol
    • ICTS administrative staff sends a letter to the investigator informing them of the committee's decision, including any relevant comments.
    • Possible committee outcomes:
      • Approved as requested: costs and resources were suitable
      • Alternate recommendation is approved: committee approved partial request
      • Not approved: Request was unable to be met by the ICTS and committee could not approved resources

Post Approval Procedures

Upon approval of your ICTS protocol, an activation meeting will be scheduled by Lisa Hinojosa. This activation meeting is to help educate the ICTS research staff regarding the specific subject-related details of your project.

If an IRB modification changes the services requested from ICTS, or if you require additional resources after the original approval, please provide the updated IRB forms.

The ICTS requests copies of the most current IRB documents as soon as they are available including:

  • IRB approval letter
  • IRB date-stamped protocol narrative
  • IRB date-stamped consent/assent form(s)

Please contact Lisa Hinojosa with any questions.